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District C-11 (2017) on Putlocker9 Movie Free

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  • 12 January 2018, 10:17
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Watch District C-11 on Putlocker9:, District C-11 put locker, District C-11 putlockers, District C-11 on Putlocker , As the relocation progresses, three aliens — Christopher Johnson (Jason Cope), his son, and a friend — are seen scavenging pieces of alien technology, from which they finish distilling a fluid which they collect in a small canister. During an inspection, Wikus discovers and confiscates the canister from the shack of Christopher's friend, but accidentally sprays some of the fluid onto his own face, which causes him to have a momentary seizure. Christopher's friend is subsequently killed by Koobus Venter (David James), a sadistic mercenary soldier employed by MNU.

Under the fluid's influence, Wikus' body tissue deteriorates, being replaced with alien tissue starting with his left arm, which he injured after being exposed to the fluid. As he deteriorates, Wikus is taken to a local hospital, where his mutation is revealed. He is then detained and transported to MNU headquarters for brutal experimentation, where it is discovered that his now chimeric DNA grants him the ability to use his transformed arm to wield alien weapons, supposed to be biologically restricted to the aliens. Seeing his tissue in its current state as a means to finally allow them to enable the use of alien weapons, Smit agrees for his scientists to vivisect Wikus, but he is able to overpower them and escapes the facility. Smit orders Venter and his men to hunt Wikus down, while a smear story is broadcast, claiming that Wikus is a wanted fugitive who has contracted a sexually transmitted disease from sex with prawns. The story spreads, even reaching Wikus' wife, Tania (Vanessa Haywood).

Wikus finds refuge in District 9 and stumbles into Christopher's shack, where he learns that Christopher is hiding the lost command module of their spacecraft underground, and comes to understand from Christopher that the canister's fluid would be able to reactivate the command module and the dormant mothership, allowing him and his son to go home. Christopher further claims he can reverse Wikus' mutation in the mothership. To recover the canister from MNU headquarters, Wikus obtains alien weapons from superstitious District 9 Nigerian arms dealer Obesandjo (Eugene Khumbanyiwa) and his gang, which he and Christopher use to assault the headquarters, retrieve the canister, and flee to District 9 with MNU forces in pursuit. Watch District C-11 Online, District C-11 Putlocker9 .
  • Name :

    District C-11

  • Our rating
  • Country :

    United States of America

  • Directed by :

    Wes Williams II

  • Cast :

    Corey Spencer,Timo Jacobs,Mark Resnik,Brina,Arthur Hiou,Paula Lauzon,J.P. Valenti,Billy 'V' Vigeant,Lin Hultgren,Alex Cash,Graham King,Richard Chandler,Jordan Lloyd,Angel Connel,Aliana Gianci,Mickey Gilmore,J. Jewels,

  • Genre :

    Movie / Crime / Sci-Fi / 2017

  • Time :

    1h 30min

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